Matilda Temperley

Human Zoo:  The UGLY Cards

Exhibition date: 5th Septmber – 18th September

Private viewing: 5th Septmber  6:30 p.m. 9:30 p.m.

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In September Cock ‘n’ Bull Gallery launches Matilda Temperley’s Human Zoo: The UGLY Cards. Matilda is known for her stylised portraiture of marginalised societies and the Human Zoo is an on-going project referencing human zoos throughout history, from the ethnographic displays of the 1500’s to modern day freak shows.

The UGLY cards showcase the individuality of 56 models represented by the agency UGLY, from sumo wrestlers to midgets. A limited edition pack of playing cards will be released for the exhibition.

Matilda will be photographing in the gallery during the exhibition. Press and the public are invited to become part of her Human Zoo work being transformed for their portraits with the help of stylist Katy Kingston, performance artist Mr Pustra, and costumes from Prangsta costumiers.

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Matilda was born in Somerset, England in 1981. After pursuing a career in tropical infectious diseases she came to photography in 2007. She is now based in the UK and divides her time between commissions and her personal work, which is inspired by marginalised groups and societies. Matilda’s personal work has been shown extensively in the UK as well as in Paris, Brussels and Cape Town. Matilda is a regular contributor to international magazines and newspapers.


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